Thirty-seven UK Organisations Join Forces to Fight Fraud

Thirty-seven organisations have joined forces to launch ‘Fighting Fraud Together’, a new strategy that aims to reduce fraud – a crime that affects everyone and is estimated to cost the UK £38bn every year.

It is the first time that the government, industry representatives, voluntary groups and law enforcement agencies have joined together on such a large scale to sign a joint commitment to tackle fraud.

All 37 partners that have signed up to Fighting Fraud Together will contribute to and be accountable for its success. They are intent on expanding and extending the successful activities that exist in their sectors and sharing fraud intelligence across boundaries to prevent and disrupt the activities of fraudsters.

Examples of the new initiatives that are being progressed under Fighting Fraud Together include:

  • Preventing fraud: industry and the public sector will develop their intelligence-sharing capabilities to prevent fraud attacks.
  • Increasing awareness and reporting: a new research tool will help all sectors provide more targeted prevention advice to the public, particularly vulnerable people, and develop a better understanding of small businesses’ vulnerability to fraud and the support they need. Action Fraud will expand its fraud report taking capacity to include all financially motivated online crime.
  • A more effective enforcement response: greater intelligence capabilities of the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau will disrupt fraudsters’ activities and rapidly close down the channels through which they operate and launder money. Increasing the use of the civil system will bring more fraudsters to justice and there will be more redress for their victims.

The 37 organisations include: Association of British Insurers; Association of Chief Police Officers; Attorney General’s Office; British Bankers Association; British Chambers of Commerce; British Retail Consortium; Building Societies Association; Charity Commission; Charity Finance Directors Group; Citizens Advice; City of London Police; Council of Mortgage Lenders; Crown Prosecution Service; Department for Communities and Local Government; Department for Work and Pensions; Federation of Small Businesses; Fraud Advisory Panel; Financial Services Authority; HM Revenue and Customs; HM Treasury; Home Office; Insurance Fraud Bureau; Land Registry; The Law Society; Metropolitan Police; Ministry of Justice; National Council for Voluntary Organisations; National Fraud Authority; Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors; Serious Fraud Office; Serious Organised Crime Agency; Solicitors Regulation Authority; Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum; The UK Cards Association and Victim Support.


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