ACI Worldwide Launches Latest Version of ACI Issuer

ACI Worldwide, an international provider of payment systems, has launched ACI Issuer 4.2 to meet the broadest and most complex card issuing requirements around the world. The new solution delivers even tighter integration than ever before with ACI’s BASE24–eps and BASE24 payments engines and is underpinned by ACI’s extensive experience supporting EMV, contactless and mobile payments to some of the largest financial institutions, processors and retailers globally.

Key features of ACI Issuer 4.2 include:

  • Support for EMV, NFC, contactless and mobile rollouts, as well as traditional magnetic stripe.
  • Scalability to support some of the largest card bases in the world, with one customer, Bank of China, approaching 50 million cardholders and still growing.
  • Support for debit, credit, pre-paid or commercial accounts from a single platform.
  • Full multi-currency, multi-institution, and multi-language capabilities.
  • The ability to manage the complex and multi-faceted relationships between consumers, their accounts and their payment cards.
  • Highly parameterised configuration for launching new products quickly without code changes.
  • Off-the-shelf interoperability with BASE24-eps and BASE24.
  • Agility in managing and setting fees, to tailor fees to different activities and users.


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