RBS Launches Liquidity Solution Portal for Corporate Treasurers

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has launched the Liquidity Solutions Portal (LSP), which offers corporates a platform to view and control cash balances in multiple currencies through a single portal in real time. LSP allows clients to forecast their cash positions and make effective investment and liquidity management decisions in real time. The service offers consolidated information on all operational and investment balances and rates, allowing clients to execute and redeem investments.

Steve Everett, head of international liquidity management, global transaction services, RBS, said: “We have had great success in the take up of this product. It enables our clients to maximise returns on cash, reduce treasury management costs, while as the same time meeting internal risk management. It is our objective to provide innovative solutions that are simple and those that avoid complex and time-consuming processes, while at the same time providing the best working capital practices.”


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