BT Unified Trading Voice Service Launched in 12 Additional Financial Centres

BT’s Unified Trading voice service is now available in 12 more global financial centres: Chicago, Boston, Charlotte, St Louis, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. The service was already available in New York and London.

BT Unified Trading voice service, previously known as BT MarketPulse, delivers voice over IP (VOIP) to the trading room using the BT Radianz cloud.

“It is increasingly important for financial services firms to employ the tools to enable their staff to interact, collaborate and trade, securely and compliantly, over multiple channels. Increasingly this means using software and cloud-based services to build connected communities in the centres in which they operate around the world,” said Larry Tabb, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Tabb Group.


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