Polaris Launches Intellect CBX 3.0

Polaris Software (Polaris) has launched IntellectTM Customer Business eXchange (CBX) 3.0. Intellect CBX 3.0 is a widget based, integrated decision-making solution which provides multi-channel customer experience delivery. Designed for the global transaction banking (GTB) platform, the latest version of Intellect CBX 3.0 provides banks with an architecture that will enable them to add new products.

As part of its banking 3.0 agenda, Polaris identified the need to drive revenue through the use of ‘addictive technologies’. Built on the industry standard J2EE framework with highly parameterized and component based design, Intellect CBX 3.0 can be scaled and integrated with existing systems in the bank as well as corporate enterprise risk planning (ERP) systems.

Banking 3.0 primarily focuses on superior customer experience through the use of customer centric innovative solutions to form a unique brand perception.

To deal with these phenomena, banking 3.0 will have to have the following attributes:

  • Ease of usage.
  • Ease of integration with customer systems.
  • Ease of integration with banking product processors, both legacy and vendor applications.
  • Ease of change.
  • Ease of implementing regulatory policies.
  • Risk prevention and detection algorithms which can be implanted with ease.


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