Sterci Launches Financial Messaging Product Suite

Sterci has launched GTSuite, a portfolio of solutions for messaging, reconciliation, business flows integration and data management.

Collectively, the integrated Sterci GTSuite products form part of a total global transaction solution, with each of the four modular applications available separately or combined. The flexibility extends to the deployment model, with each GT application available as an in-house licensed product or as an outsourced hosted service from its Global Transaction Platform (GTP).

GTSuite is comprised of five solutions:

  1. GTExchange: formerly known as Stelink, GTExchange is a multi-network financial messaging hub.
  2. GTMatch: formerly known as Stematch, GTMatch is an enterprise-wide reconciliation and exception management solution.
  3. GTFrame: formerly known as Steform, GTFrame provides transformation and business flows integration services.
  4. GTData: formerly known as KeyData, GTData is a multi-provider and high volume data management application.
  5. GTP: Sterci GTSuite products are available as an on-demand service from GTP.


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