Glory Launches Online Currency Recycler for Retail Stores in Overseas Markets

Glory has developed the RBG-300 currency recycler, which can be installed at back-offices of retail stores and connected online to a host computer of a financial institution to accept sales proceeds and dispense notes for change fund. These functions contribute to more effective and stricter back-office operations in retail stores. Because cash inventory data in the machine is connected to a bank account, when sales proceeds are stored, the account will be updated.

Additionally, as it is made possible to withdraw only necessary amount for change fund directly from the account, money can be managed in a more efficient way.

Its main features are:

  • Works as both a sales proceeds acceptor and a dispenser change fund in retail stores.
  • Enables direct depositing into and withdrawal from a bank account like an ATM by means of online connection to a host computer of a financial institution that monitors cash inventory in the machine.
  • Accepts all denominations and dispenses up to five kinds of denominations at the rate of 10 notes per second while reading the serial numbers of all accepted and dispensed notes.


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