Tullett Prebon Launches OTC Derivatives Price Verification Service

OTC Valuations, Tullett Prebon’s technology-driven services firm providing post-trade securities and derivative valuation services to clients globally, has rolled out an over-the-counter (OTC) derivative price verification service aimed at high volume portfolios of vanilla through to complex products.

Daily valuations are typically charged at US$0.20, which includes full price challenge support, automated portfolio submission, and delivery of price files on a T+0 basis. This service is made possible through automation of market data verification processes, portfolio trade loading, model calibration, report generation and valuation report delivery.

Miroslav Vanous, head of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at OTC Valuations, said: “Since opening the business in 2007, automation of error prone, manually intensive, processes has always been a key part of our architectural blueprint for system development. This latest release of our in-house valuation technology allows our analysts to spend most of their time on modelling the most complex structures, as we have ‘systematised’ the work that many firms continue to do in spreadsheets, including market data management and cleansing.”


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