SIA Expo 2011: The Evolution of European Payments

On Monday 17 October 2011, SIA will host ‘SIA EXPO 2011’, the event previously known as ‘Do You SEPA?’, which will attract payment system stakeholders, such as banks, corporate and public sector bodies. The main focus will be the crucial role of information and communications technology (ICT) in driving competitiveness and industrial innovation in Europe.

In particular, the event will underline the key elements on the regulatory framework, ICT infrastructures and new business models, and it will also highlight the innovation of payments system through the solutions to foster revenues development and cost control.

Among the speakers will be Jean-Yves Muylle, head of unit DG internal market and services – retail issues, consumer policy and payment systems, European Commission (EC); Daniela Russo, director general, payments and market infrastructures, European Central Bank (ECB); Franco Passacantando, managing director, central banking, markets and payments system area, Banca d’Italia; Giovanni Sabatini, general manager, ABI; and Paolo Martinello, president, BEUC, the European consumer’s organisation.


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