European Credit Management Consolidates Multiple Trading Systems

European Credit Management Limited (ECM), a specialist fixed income asset management company, is implementing Finacle Treasury as its trading platform for credit derivatives and total return swaps products. This development replaces the incumbent technology solution, and has led to the consolidation of multiple trading platforms onto Finacle Treasury.

In recent years ECM found the requirement to manage disparate trading systems created operational inefficiencies and decided to consolidate these systems onto Finacle Treasury. The migration of credit derivatives and total return swaps trading onto Finacle Treasury alongside existing support for foreign exchange (FX), bonds and derivatives products will enable ECM to benefit from reduced operational errors and data duplication. This will also help to minimise total cost of ownership (TCO) and internal development costs and simplify internal training requirements.

Simon Radway, business manager, ECM, said: “Extending our usage of Finacle Treasury was an obvious choice for us since the majority of our positions are already booked in the system, and our traders have always responded positively to the system due to its user-friendly interface and rich functionality. To date, Finacle Treasury has enabled us to streamline our operations, improve efficiencies within the business and deliver an increased cost-benefit ratio across our front, middle and back office. The solution is faster and more stable than the previous systems.

ECM will also take advantage of Infosys’ association with the Fincad Alliance Programme, which will enable them to access Fincad’s derivatives analytics library. Access to this built-in pricing based on industry-standard analytics will enhance ECM’s valuation and risk capabilities and make them more responsive to the market.


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