SWIFT Launches SWIFTRef to Eliminate International Payment Errors

SWIFT, the financial messaging provider, has launched SWIFTRef, a family of products that aims to eliminate costly payment errors arising from bad data, and increase straight-through processing (STP).

Thirty percent of non-STP payments are caused by bad reference data, and with manual intervention to correct the details of the payment costing between €20-40 per incident, this problem amounts to millions of euros potentially lost each day. The costs to the financial services industry could be worth billions of euros globally each year, according to many expert estimates.

SWIFTRef will help the cooperative widen its addressable market for reference data. The products are aimed at the 3,500 or so banks which process a significant amount of international payments and the many corporations that also comprise this market. SWIFTRef products will be sold directly by SWIFT’s sales teams and also through partners via the indirect sales channel.

Patrik Neutjens, head of reference data at SWIFT said: “The issue of poor reference data is only getting worse because of the sheer increase in global payments being made. This is why only an industry-driven initiative and contribution can help the financial community. Our research shows that financial institutions are working hard to increase back-office efficiency to reduce costs. This requires tailor-made, integrated data that’s constantly updated. That’s where SWIFT can help.”

For files and feeds, annual prices start at €4,000 for one product or 22,000 for the comprehensive suite of databases; and rise according to payment traffic within a particular organisation. Annual prices for online use start at €1,000 per user. The products will be available from January 2012.


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