Gartner Launches IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summit in Europe

Gartner will host the IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management (ITAM) Summit in London on 28-29 September, drawing on the success of its annual ITAM Summit in North America.

“The content featured at this summit generates some of the highest inquiry volumes in Gartner and especially so during economically tough periods as organisations seek ways to effectively reduce and optimise IT costs,” said Alexa Bona, research vice president at Gartner. “A Gartner survey of 186 European IT procurement, IT asset managers and IT finance executives showed that IT cost optimisation was top of their lists of hot topics and that is one of the overall themes of the summit. Trends affecting ITAM, IT procurement and IT finance, and ITAM best practices and processes were next on the list and we have multiple presentations on these topics at the London event.”


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