Lincolnshire Police First to Use ProcServe’s Procurement Hub

The National Policing Improvement Agency’s (NPIA) online procurement hub, which is powered by ProcServe, has gone live with the first police force in the UK. The national police procurement hub (NPPH) will enable police forces to buy goods and services online. Lincolnshire police will be the first force to use the new NPPH.

The hub gives the police service the ability to select, purchase and pay for a range of approved goods and services online from 500 suppliers, and is set to save the police service £30m over six years. It will enable Lincolnshire police to buy approved items, such as IT, body armour, vehicles and a whole range of other goods and services, at the touch of a button.

The association of chief police officers (ACPO)-endorsed initiative is being delivered by the NPIA in partnership with ProcServe, a company which provides electronic procurement products. The NPIA is in the process of rolling it out across all 43 forces starting with Lincolnshire. All forces are expected to be using the hub by June 2012.


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