Prosa Upgrades ACI Payments System

Promoción y Operación (Prosa), a payments processor headquartered in Mexico, has chosen to upgrade its ACI BASE24 payments processing system to BASE24-eps solution. Prosa provides card and payment processing services to 90 banks and financial institutions for transaction switching, processing and settlement across Mexico and Latin America.

Prosa has relied on ACI for more than 25 years as its provider for its core business functionality, and to support transaction volumes of 1.2 billion per year and drive 37,000 ATMs. When the time came for the company to review its payments system strategy and technology for the future, the team conducted a due diligence process with other players in the market, and decided that ACI’s solution, alongside the support, implementation methodology, market knowledge and relationship with Prosa, made ACI and BASE24-eps the obvious solution.

José Molina, Prosa’s chief executive officer (CEO), said: “Prosa is committed to maintaining our place as an industry leader, as well as delivering the best possible service to our customers – as highlighted by our recent win of the Ibero American Quality Award. BASE24-eps gives us a solution for the future, to handle whatever changes the markets need from us, and we predict a return of over US$20m over five years. We would not be able to deliver value of this scale without the product expertise and strategic support of ACI Worldwide for the next 10 years at least.”

Prosa required a solution that could satisfy all of its customers’ needs, which included multi-currency functionality and specific country requirements for Mexico and Latin America, but would also enable Prosa to meet market demands by deploying new features and functions. Users needed to be able to have the flexibility to build and manage their own business rules that BASE24-eps enables through its scripting functionality.


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