SmartStream TLM Corona Awarded Multiple SWIFTReady 2011 Labels

SmartStream’s TLM Corona version 7 solution has been awarded the SWIFTReady Reconciliations and SWIFTReady Payments Exceptions and Investigations (E&I) labels for 2011.

TLM Corona was awarded the SWIFT accreditations in recognition of its SWIFT compliance with the E&I and reconciliation SWIFTReady criteria, its integration with the SWIFT environment and the solution’s contribution to creating more efficient payments exceptions management. The award also demonstrates SmartStream’s ongoing commitment towards adopting and promoting industry standards for reconciliations and exception management.

Rudolph Schnepf, senior product manager at SmartStream, said: “The SWIFTReady awards are further evidence of our innovation and product excellence in the reconciliations space. It reflects the continued investment SmartStream makes in its TLM solutions, enabling firms to reduce their cost-per-transaction while at the same time managing increased volume volatility across a range of instruments.”


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