Standard & Poor’s Adds Financial Institution Data to RatingsDirect

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Valuation and Risk Strategies has launched CreditStats Direct for Financial Institutions, a data and analytics application that provides direct access to credit-adjusted financial data with up to three-year’s history for banks rated by S&P. The addition of this credit analysis tool allows market participants to gain in-depth insight into the creditworthiness of over 600 global rated banks.

The new financial institutions offering combines a range of S&P analytics and benchmark data in a single research platform. CreditStats Direct for Financial Institutions incorporates: line-item-by-line-item financial statement data; side-by-side credit comparison tools for up to 100 entities or aggregates for up to five portfolios; and transparency into the methodologies used by S&P credit analysts to help investors conduct deep-dive analysis of their portfolios.

“Investors need the ability to scrutinise the credit quality of their investments in a fast and accurate way,” said Luis Cerda, senior director – product management, S&P Valuation and Risk Strategies. “Today, that means going further than the rating to gain real insight into the methodologies used to arrive at that rating and having access to data that allows the comparison of financial institutions relative market benchmarks. S&P RatingsDirect is the only source to deliver that level of analysis in a single package.”


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