ACI Worldwide Boosts Fraud Prevention Services with Consultancy

ACI Worldwide, an international provider of payment systems, has launched ACI Financial Crime Consultancy Services, a series of structured consultancy packages designed to improve the results achieved through the use of ACI Proactive Risk Manager and optimise financial institutions’ fraud management operations.

The consultancy packages offer a broad spectrum of services including: setting up, staffing and operating a new fraud management practice; reviewing fraud operations; identifying areas for improvement; and optimising the performance of automated fraud monitoring systems. Services are designed to help users maintain high levels of protection against an ever-changing threat profile, and enable them to reduce costs associated with endemic fraud.

Krisiti Estay, assistant vice president (AVP) cheque card supervisor from Hancock Bank, said: “In our experience, we found that the consultancy services offered by ACI can be invaluable to end users of Proactive Risk Manager, particularly when they are strategically timed at certain intervals. Our consultant personalised the package to our meet our specific business needs and helped us improve our rule-writing and false positive rate. We would definitely recommend a consultancy package to other Proactive Risk Manager users in order to improve their fraud monitoring ability.”


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