TD Waterhouse Launches Mobile App for Traders and Investors

TD Waterhouse, a UK online execution-only broker, has launched a dedicated app for iPhone and iPod touch users that caters to the needs of both traders and investors. The TD Trading App is free to download and can be used to place equity investment trades on 15 international markets in nine different currencies.

Once they have logged into their account customers will have instant mobile access to their portfolio summaries, obtain live quotes and create a specific Watch List to monitor potential opportunities in real time (prices are delayed by 15 minutes when customers are not logged in to their account).

The TD Trading App also allows customers to switch between their linked accounts – such as their trading account, trading ISA and TD SIPP accounts – to place trades. They will be able track their portfolio and see an overview of their accounts, including the details of the cash and stock they hold in each international currency.

Darren Hepworth, trading and customer services director, TD Waterhouse, said: “With the current fast moving international markets equity investors require the tools that enable them to monitor their investments and immediately react to market volatility. We have already seen customers embrace the flexibility of online trading – with over 96% of trades placed with TD currently made online – and the introduction of mobile trading provides the perfect accompaniment to this service.”

The TD Trading App is the first of a suite of mobile trading services currently in development, including a dedicated app for Android users and apps to complement TD’s recently launched TD Financial Spread Trading and TD Derivatives Trading services.


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