UK Government Selects ProcServe for New Procurement Strategy

The UK government has chosen ProcServe, a provider of electronic procurement (eprocurement) solutions, to help deliver the government’s new procurement strategy. In particular, ProcServe will host the Government eMarketplace, making it easier for suppliers to do business with government, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Government Procurement, the new central organisation that leads on purchasing across central government, is committed to save £3bn annually by the end of March 2013. It plans to do this by leveraging the combined buying power of departments to secure better deals for the most commonly bought categories of goods and services. These deals will be made available to all government bodies via the Government eMarketplace, to be delivered by ProcServe.

Jim Knox, chief executive officer (CEO) of ProcServe, emphasised his company’s close involvement with Cabinet Office and Government Procurement to develop a tailored solution that meets the different needs of all government bodies. “Everyone is acutely aware of the need to get good value out of every penny that government spends. We are pleased to have a key role in delivering the government’s new procurement strategy that could deliver huge benefits. We look forward to working with Government Procurement, and other government bodies to improve the ways in which government does business with its suppliers, large or small.”


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