Tradeweb Launches Electronic European Repo Marketplace

Tradeweb Markets has launched a European repo marketplace. The electronic dealer-to-customer platform mirrors the existing voice and message-based trading process, while enabling efficient trade execution and substantially simplifying the post-trade complexities of collateral assignment and allocation.

Leading institutional investors across Europe have already shown strong commitment to the platform. In addition to the benefits of speed and efficient trade processing, customers are able to request executable quotes from up to five dealers, which can be viewed in one place at one time, and negotiate rates and haircuts. A full audit trail of activity provides best execution reporting to the buy-side.

“We continue to be at the forefront of electronic trading in fixed income and derivatives markets,” said Steve Hall, head of Tradeweb’s international business. “Our clients understand the benefits of electronic trading and we are excited about this new opportunity.”

Tradeweb has nine liquidity providers either already live or in the process of technical implementation, and further interest from the wider dealer community. Dealers are keen to provide repo liquidity to their customers, while benefitting from efficient collateral assignment and allocation tools, and from straight-through processing (STP).


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