Australian Bullion Exchange Chooses Brady for Precious Metals Trading

The Australian Bullion Exchange (ABX), based in Brisbane, has opted for a Brady solution to bring bullion trading to the private investor. ABX and Brady have agreed to a long-term partnership, where Brady will become the core system for the exchange’s infrastructure.

ABX introduces a centralised bullion exchange to the Australian investment industry, enabling market participants to trade and invest in a transparent, consistent, reliable and cost-effective marketplace.

Thomas Coughlin, chief executive officer (CEO) of ABX, said: “We selected Brady for their extensive experience and solid reputation in the physical precious metals space. Their years of market experience and referenceable customers made Brady the obvious partner for this long-term strategic initiative.”

The Brady solution will be implemented in multiple phases. Initially, the deployment of the solution will focus on precious metals trading, foreign exchange (FX), MTM, client reporting and inventory management.


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