SunGard Launches AvantGard BPM for Deductions and Chargebacks

SunGard has launched AvantGard Business Process Management (BPM) for deductions and chargebacks that occur in the order-to-cash cycle. The system offers corporations a BPM solution with standard workflows that can be configured to meet the complex requirements of corporations managing a high volume of deductions and chargebacks. Leveraging BPM in this area can help suppliers create a more efficient and responsive supply chain operation that adheres to vendor compliance requirements and expedites resolution of problem invoices.

The solution offers corporations pre-packaged yet configurable workflows around the management of highly complex routing scenarios such as return merchandise authorisations (RMAs), vendor compliance, errors in price or discount, quantity, tax disputes, freight charges, early or late shipments and missing or unexpected returns of goods. The solution interfaces with the AvantGard Receivables order-to-cash solution to help companies with complex processes around deduction management to introduce BPM.

Many corporations, particularly manufacturers of consumer product goods, medical devices and transportation companies struggle with adhering to process workflows for managing these transactions. Much of this difficulty stems from the numerous points of contact involved in routing deductions and chargebacks across the supply chain, which include interaction and approval requirements across manufacturing, shipping, sales and customer service. The process is further complicated by a requirement to establish many different workflow streams based on an array of variables that include items such as product line, sales area, type of deduction, amount, timeframe and more.


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