Aktif Bank, Bremer Landesbank and BNY Mellon to Provide Remittance Service

BNY Mellon has announced that its Remit Worldwide global remittance solution is being provided to Bremer Landesbank and Aktif Bank as part of a relationship that will allow customers of Bremer Landesbank to remit funds from Germany to Turkey through Aktif Bank’s Universal Payment Transfer Platform (UPT). Extending Remit Worldwide to Europe and the Middle East, this arrangement will give remitters in Germany access to Aktif’s UPT network, which includes all Turkish Post Office (PTT) locations.

This expansion of Remit Worldwide extends the footprint of BNY Mellon’s global remittance solution to include more than 70,000 sending and receiving locations on five continents.

Remit Worldwide is a customisable white-labeled money transfer solution that enables client banks to provide remittance services to their retail customers. Remit Worldwide provides multiple tools for client use in managing the reporting, risk and compliance aspects of cross border remittance payments.


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