Tradeshift Launches in Dutch and Finnish

Tradeshift, the social network for business, has expanded its platform to Dutch and Finnish. Fast growth in new markets has driven demand for the Tradeshift platform to be available in multiple languages. In the past six months alone, Tradeshift has added more than 2,000 companies per week to its online invoicing network and now has more than 50,000 users signed up across 190 countries.

In Finland and the Netherlands, Tradeshift’s free e-invoicing model is already proving an alternative to traditional online invoicing providers. There has been significant take up by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger organisations within each market. From knowing exactly when payments will be made, to ease of use and the ability to connect with any supplier or customer in real-time, the e-invoicing social network is attractive to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Christian Lanng, chief executive officer (CEO) at Tradeshift, said: “Of all the European markets we are in, the Netherlands and Finland are among the most mature when it comes to online invoicing. The adoption of e-invoicing has been driven by the governments which has resulted highly competitive e-invoicing markets – making it an exciting opportunity for us. With more than 2000 users in these markets, Tradeshift has been successful because it is built as a social network for businesses making it easy to use and free to join.”

Tradeshift is now available in seven languages, including English, Danish, French, German and Spanish.


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