ABS and ATMS Partner to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Business management and information systems provider, Advanced Business Solutions (ABS), has partnered with ATMS, a supplier of warehouse management systems. This partnership sees the integration of ATMS’ StockTrack Plus warehouse management system into ABS’ financial management and Open Logistix supply chain management and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, providing companies with an integrated solution to increase warehouse efficiency and better manage their stock.

ABS’ Open Logistix solutions assist mid-size businesses with the evolving challenges they face in planning, sourcing and collaboration, production, delivery and customer management from sales order processing through stock control, purchasing and distribution. Under the terms of this partnership users will now be able to access ATMS’ StockTrack Plus software directly from their ABS system, providing them with complete and accurate visibility of all available stock while increasing financial control. It will also automate a range of manual-based warehouse processes, reducing the time and costs associated with inefficient paper procedures.

Simon Fowler, managing director of ABS (Commercial), said: “This partnership provides best-of-breed warehouse management and supply chain solutions to help third-party logistics, manufacturing and distribution companies increase their business efficiency and cut costs. This is particularly important in the current economic climate as businesses strive to improve their stock control and reduce wastage in order to stay ahead of their competition and remain profitable.”


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