Epcor Offers PayItGreen Seal of Approval to Qualifying Organisations

Epcor is offering financial institution members and their business customers the chance to qualify for the new ‘PayItGreen’ seal of approval. Financial institutions and organisations that qualify for the seal will receive third-party recognition that they have achieved excellence in removing paper from the payments process.

“Organisations like to tell their customers how they are contributing to positive environmental change,” said Ann-Marie Bartels, chief executive officer (CEO) of Epcor. “Until now, they haven’t been able to prove it. Those organizations that qualify will have demonstrated that they are significantly contributing to the environment by effectively switching to electronic payments, statements and bills.”

The interested organisation will complete an online survey that evaluates the organisation’s paper suppression efforts, specifically in the areas of payments, statements and bills through the use and/or enablement of electronic solutions, such as direct deposit, direct payment, ebills and estatements. The online programme tells the organisation in real time if its application has been approved. If approved, the organisation can display the PayItGreen seal of approval on any of its marketing and business materials.


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