Thomson Reuters GRC Helps Senior M&A Lawyers Create a Deal Strategy

Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) launched an online resource to help mergers and acquisitions (M&As) lawyers and their teams navigate the best possible route through increasingly complex deals.

Business Law Advisor M&A is aimed at senior lawyers and corporate legal teams. It gives them the power of hindsight by allowing them to prepare M&A negotiations based on key deal points, which were successful in previous transactions. This information is presented in a format designed to help companies involved in M&As satisfy legal scrutiny, meet regulatory standards and stay on top of market trends.

The product analyses thousands of deal histories and matches them to current M&A work. Legal teams can then examine documents and examples of precedent which most closely match a deal they are working on.

“The more lawyers know about what succeeded or failed in the past, the better chance they have in the future. With so much information available, legal teams need a powerful tool to make the right decisions. Business Law Advisor M&A is unique in its ability to identify the most pertinent deal history for a new M&A transaction,” said Ely Razin, head of business law and governance at Thomson Reuters GRC.


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