Mercator Advisory Releases Second Annual Prepaid Payment Research

Global prepaid markets have become an increasingly hot topic, particularly over the past two years. To improve its understanding of the marketplace, Mercator Advisory Group has released the Global Prepaid Markets Potential 2011 report, which has been expanded and revised to provide an even better overview of the global market. The study includes 14 prepaid segments in 10 categories.

As the US market matures and becomes crowded, both large incumbent and small emerging players are seeking additional opportunities to maintain sustainable growth over a longer term (or to simply expand their customer base).

Meanwhile, prepaid cards are growing quickly overseas. This growth includes many large emerging markets where consumers and merchants have traditionally been slow to accept electronic payments. The prepaid industries in those markets are hungry for input including capital, technologies, lessons and expertise from more advanced markets.

“As our understanding of the global prepaid markets deepens and expands, we found that the global market is actually much larger and diversified than many had thought. The unique market situations, industry infrastructure, cultural differences, consumer preferences, regulatory environments, and business traditions, among others, all have a significant impact on the size and dynamics of prepaid card markets in different parts of the world,” said Terry Xie, director of Mercator Advisory Group’s international advisory service and principal analyst of the report. “We have significantly improved and expanded our global prepaid market model to better reflect the situation in different global markets and better estimate their market potential.”

Mercator’s latest research provides comprehensive study of underlying market conditions for prepaid cards in over 50 countries around the world. The report features:

  • The world’s top 30 markets (ranked by total prepaid card opportunities) in 14 prepaid segments.
  • Highlights of regional prepaid markets in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, and Canada.
  • Detailed breakdown of prepaid potential by segment for each of the top 30 markets as well as additional major markets in each region.
  • Top geographical markets for each of the 14 prepaid segments.


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