CIPS Launches Training for Non-purchasing Professionals

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) has launched ‘Passport to Supply: Supplier Management’ for anyone who has some procurement responsibility in their role, but is not a purchasing professional.

The first in a long series of ‘Passport to Supply’ modules, professionals involved in supplier management will gain a deeper understanding of how to deal with suppliers without having to commit to a major purchasing qualification.

Passport to Supply: Supply Management is an online study portal containing case studies, quizzes and downloadable tools that are available 24 hours a day, so students can study at their own speed in a flexible way around job and family commitments. The training will create a better understanding of the buying process, how to cut costs and manage risk along with helping to define roles and responsibility within an organisation, giving clarity to staff involved in post contract procurement. The course will also look at how to unlock suppliers’ creativity and develop their potential to help business and organisations.

David Noble, chief executive officer (CEO) of CIPS, said: “Procurement is the heart of an organisation. Many employees can have procurement aspects within their role without being aware of its importance; therefore CIPS qualifications seem to not be as relevant to them. To bridge the gap, we created Passport to Supply: Supply Management to encourage proficiency and competency. We believe that this training will benefit any company and add real value to the roles of non-procurement professionals.”


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