BWI Releases 2011 ‘Top Gun’ List of European Industrial Corporations

Swedish manufacturer, Atlas Copco, earned the highest index score in the European Industrials Shareholder Confidence poll conducted by executive talent agency and performance advisors, Brendan Wood International (BWI). Arkema, BASF, Cie de Saint-Gobain and Vinci followed Atlas in the rankings.

The ‘top gun’ designation is awarded to corporations that have achieved a leader position on the Brendan Wood Global Shareholder Confidence Index. Shareholder votes evaluate each corporation on a number of criteria over which management of the corporation has substantial influence. The shareholders in the Brendan Wood panel are 2,500 large institutional investors whose portfolio holdings include substantial investment positions in the index companies evaluated.

Confidence in direction and management’s ability to execute the corporation’s strategy are often pivotal differentiators of ‘top gun’ corporations. This differentiation can and usually does symbolise a high level of approval of current senior management and/or board members. Hence, a number of ‘top gun’ designations of individual executive personalities accompany those of their firms this year.

Companies with the highest shareholder confidence have historically been those with ‘top gun’ chief executive officer (CEO)/chief financial officer (CFO) combinations. These dynamic duo scenarios were achieved by Arkema (CEO Thierry Le Henaff and CFO Thierry Lemonnier), Atlas Copco (CEO Ronnie Leten and CFO Hans Ola Meyer), Vinci (CEO Xavier Huillard and CFO Christian Labeyrie), ArcelorMittal (CEO Lakshmi Mittal and CFO Aditya Mittal) and BASF (CEO Juergen Hambrecht and CFO Kurt Bock).

Companies at the top of the BWI Shareholder Confidence Index have CEO’s and CFO’s who come from industry, have a deep understanding of their business and have a proven track record of consistently delivering on expectations. Dynamic duos have a unique charisma and are able to clearly communicate strategy and vision. As a result, these duos have added consistent shareholder value and are trusted most by their shareholders.


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