Sentenial Launches Mandate Management Plug-in for Corporate Websites

Sentenial, a specialist provider of single euro payments area (SEPA) payment solutions for banks and corporates across Europe, has added a mandate management plug-in to its Origix Corporate service, which embeds seamlessly into a corporates website to deliver self-service online mandate capture for SEPA Direct Debits (SDDs), including real-time PDF generation.

Origix Corporate, a payment management service, accepts mandate data for both new and migrating mandates in various formats and provides any necessary data translation and enrichment to achieve SEPA compliance. The mandate plug-in provides the opportunity for debtor self-service, thereby directly reducing costs and improving speed, while validating account details in real-time.

The plug-in is the latest feature of the Sentenial Mandate Management Framework, which also includes a variety of paper-based mandate capture options that are complemented by the fully integrated payment origination service. Origix Corporate also provides BIC and IBAN validation and conversion, SEPA enrichment, transaction management, mandate scanning, and relevant debtor correspondence.


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