Ink from Chase Launches Jot Mobile App for Small Business Expenses

Ink from Chase, the business card portfolio from Chase Card Services, has launched Jot, a mobile application and online solution designed to meet the needs of small business owners who are often on the go. Jot saves small business owners time in the back office by enabling them to easily track, categorise and organise business expenses in real-time from their iPhone and Android mobile devices. With less time spent reconciling receipts, business owners can invest more time in the things they love and further manage and grow their businesses.

Jot will provide Ink from Chase customers a variety of mobile benefits, including the ability to:

  • Receive text alerts within seconds of making a purchase with their Ink card.
  • Immediately tag these purchases to custom categories on a mobile device or online.
  • Enable employees to tag their business expenses.
  • Immediately view all transactions on their account, including those of their employees, through their mobile device or online.
  • Adjust employees’ card spending limits in real-time via a mobile device.
  • Create and download reports into accounting software, including QuickBooks and Excel.

“Small business owners are innovative, passionate and hardworking, and Chase’s dedication to partnering with these business owners comes from the belief that this group of entrepreneurs is an integral part of the American economy,” said Richard Quigley, president of Ink from Chase. “Jot was designed with small business owners’ immediate financial needs top of mind. Jot will enhance the finance-savvy business practices of small business owners, allowing for additional time and an improved focus on the passion and sense of accomplishment they have for their businesses.”


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