Huntington Launches SafeCash Manager Product

Huntington Bank has launched SafeCash Manager, which combines the physical security of a cash safe with the added protection and convenience of centralised reporting and visibility through wireless communications technology. This means that businesses who accept currency as a form of payment can save time and money by combining these services into a single solution across their organisation.

SafeCash Manager allows businesses to collect currency directly into an on-site safe with built-in counterfeit detection. The safe accurately counts and records cash automatically, providing customers with immediate recording capabilities accessible in real time through the SafeCash network, via a secure website.

“SafeCash Manager provides the best of both worlds by giving customers same business day credit for their cash transactions and allowing that capital to go to work before the currency makes its way to the bank,” said Doug Hartsema, Huntington’s director of treasury management. “SafeCash is more than just an advanced product, it’s a service that lessens the cost of doing business, while dramatically increasing convenience for business owners.”


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