Habib Bank Uses BankFusion Equation to Improve Online Banking Services

Habib Bank will renovate its core banking system with Misys BankFusion Equation to help the bank improve online banking services and serve its trade finance, treasury and retail customers more effectively.

The BankFusion Equation system will ensure Habib Bank maintains its position as a lead bank in Pakistan. It will enable the bank to enhance operational efficiency and increase its ability to respond quickly to customers’ needs. The bank will be able to bring new products to market more rapidly and improve compliance with local banking policies and regulatory requirements.

Zakir Mahmood, chief executive officer (CEO) Habib Bank, said: “The ground-breaking BankFusion solution will put Habib Bank in the lead among the banking industry in the region. The BankFusion technology will not only improve our operations domestically but across our global network and most importantly, it would allow us to enhance our service and customers’ experience.”


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