Esker Receives Spanish Accreditation for Vendor Invoice Automation

The Spanish government has accredited Esker, a provider of document process automation solutions, for vendor invoice automation. The Esker platform automates a full range of processes, including specific invoicing requirements for companies across the globe.

Esker offers cloud-based and on-premise accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R) solutions for automated processing and archiving of paper and electronic invoices (e-invoices). Esker solutions integrate with invoicing applications and enable customers to reduce invoice processing time and costs by at least 40%.

“Esker is at the heart of invoicing – for both customer and vendor invoices. We have built distinctive international components into Esker solutions, which has earned recognition from key organisations,” said Jean-Michel Bérard, chief executive officer (CEO), Esker. “As part of our strategy to help companies across the world eliminate paper and improve business processes, we continue to invest and perfect our international expertise to deliver first-rate A/P and A/R solutions. Our growing customer base is proof of the increased confidence in those solutions.”


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