Haniel Implements Multiversa IFP for Domestic Payments

Haniel, a family-owned group of companies, has implemented CoCoNet’s Multiversa International Finance Portal (IFP) for the domestic payment transactions across the group. After a detailed evaluation of all eligible systems, in co-operation with a dedicated cash and treasury management consultancy, Haniel chose the CoCoNet software which best matched with the requirements for a bank-independent and future-proof solution with a stable architecture.

Before switching to CoCoNet’s modern standard solution for central e-banking, Haniel used several bank-specific systems that resulted in distributed administrational efforts and low efficiency. The Multiversa IFP e-banking solution improves Haniel’s independency from banks and gives the company a safe and efficient basis for payment transactions of the entire group of companies.

Haniel manages the new CoCoNet solution centrally and provides it as required to local but globally acting users of the business units. This multi-client capability has the advantage that after the successful going live in the headquarters and several group companies Haniel can easily roll out Multiversa IFP to further organisational units at any time without any local installation and administration. Andreas Laroche, lead programme manager finance and accounting, Haniel, said: “The flexibility of the multi-client capability in the software evaluation turned out to be a unique selling proposition.”


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