Toyota (GB) Launches Fuel Card Incentive Programme in UK

Toyota (GB), a division of Toyota Motor, has chosen Citi Prepaid Services to launch their fuel card consumer incentive programme in the UK. Drivers who ordered a new Toyota Yaris car during the month of April will be given a Citi prepaid Visa card loaded with £548.15, covering an average of six months’ worth of fuel redeemable at any brand of petrol station that accepts Visa. Toyota is the first automobile manufacturer in the UK to launch such a fuel promotion using prepaid cards.

This flexible Toyota-branded Citi prepaid card solution offers consumers a clear advantage over using conventional incentive vouchers. Traditionally, fuel vouchers can only be redeemed at one designated petrol station, posing an inconvenience to the driver who is required to find one particular brand of petrol station. The benefit of a Visa prepaid fuel card is that the consumer can spend their funds at the nearest brand of petrol station that accepts Visa, rather than driving around trying to find a particular brand of petrol station.

As the card is Toyota branded, Toyota also benefit from the fact that every time a customer uses their prepaid fuel card they will have an interaction with their brand. Cardholders can also check their balance online and via the Citi call centre.

Matt Harrison, Toyota’s commercial director, said: “With the highest petrol and diesel prices we’ve seen for years, it’s the perfect time for Toyota to take the initiative and give our customers a benefit that’s of real value day-to-day. We feel that Citi’s innovative prepaid card solution will offer our customers great flexibility and convenience.”


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