ProcServe and Planet Positive Help to Reduce Carbon in the Supply Chain

ProcServe, a provider of electronic procurement (e-procurement) solutions, has partnered with Planet Positive, an international environmental certification organisation, to promote lower emissions in the supply chain. By providing this new optional service, Planet Positive and ProcServe hope to support supplier organisations keen to demonstrate ‘green’ best practices.

Sustainable procurement is increasingly important in the public sector. All UK central government departments and their related organisations will need to meet the minimum mandatory specifications in the recently announced Government Buying Standards. Following the standards will help central departments reach their target to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% this year and drive the development of the green economy. However, a recent survey conducted by ProcServe and Planet Positive indicates that 69% of suppliers are unaware of the new Government Buying Standards.

“Planet Positive is about taking action. We are delighted to partner with ProcServe and offer our sustainability services to their registered supplier organisations. By bringing together the ProcServe Trading Network, and the Planet Positive certification process we will encourage organisations, large and small, to work together to lower their carbon footprints and improve their environmental performance,” said Martin Goodman, executive chairman of Planet Positive.


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