FIS and Cleartrade Exchange Partner on Fertiliser Swap Price Transparency

Freight Investor Services (FIS), a brokerage for freight and commodity swaps, has deepened its partnership with Cleartrade Exchange to promote increased price transparency and liquidity in the fertiliser swaps market. The FIS fertilizer swaps broking desk is distributing the Cleartrade Exchange screen free of charge to clients and is encouraging traders to use it to risk manage their exposure across the available six cleared fertiliser contracts.

The Cleartrade Exchange screen is available free in ‘view-only’ mode to any approved FIS client and can be accessed via simple download.

Ron Foxon, senior FIS fertiliser swaps broker, said: “The roll-out of the Cleartrade screen means traders world-wide will be able get an instant snapshot of market activity and bids/offers circulating in the forward fertiliser market. We believe the Cleartrade screen will prove to be an essential tool for all participants in the fertiliser industry and for traders in other related commodity sectors such as grains and energy.”


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