Vitrx Launched to Provide IT Projects and Resources

Two Buckinghamshire-based entrepreneurs have launched a new IT solutions business called Vitrx. The company’s main focus is delivering IT projects and resources that improve output and add value to businesses. The Vitrx founders believe that with their years of industry experience and privileged supplier relationships, clients can make both immediate and on-going cost savings by working smarter.

The increase in oil prices and this year’s VAT increase have made cash flow and credit control essential priorities for businesses. Recently published figures by Begbies Traynor, a firm specialising in corporate restructuring, report that 186,554 UK businesses were now experiencing ‘significant’ or ‘critical’ financial problems, a 26% rise over the last three months, and 15% more than a year ago.

Dave Breith, Vitrx chief executive officer (CEO), said: “We have identified a real need for companies to reassess their IT functions in order to reduce costs. Clever businesses have realised that this does not have to mean a reduction in quality or service but in fact increases their business operating efficiency. The desire for firms to work smarter not harder means it is a perfect opportunity to launch our IT solutions company Vitrx.”


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