RBS GTS Launches Two Investment Account Services

RBS Global Transaction Services (GTS) has launched two investment account services: the Yield Call Demand Account (YCDA) and the Growth Deposit Account (GDA). The two accounts are designed to award both the height of the deposit as well as the tenor. They recognise volatile, flexible and stable cash balances and reward them accordingly. The solution is focused around the main investment requirements of yield, liquidity, visibility and control.

The YCDA is designed for companies who hold stable flexible-term balances, have reliable cash flow forecasting, steady cash accumulation and periodic pay-outs with the desire for daily liquidity. The GDA, on the other hand, is designed for companies looking to earn term yields on the real life behaviour of their balances but which have unstable cash flow or difficulties in forecasting inflows and outflows. Similarly, it is suitable for companies that aim to make one-off payments for tax, acquisitions or executive payments over irregular periods of time.


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