Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) Launches Cash Management Solutions

Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) Berhad (KFHMB) has launched the KFH Cash Management Solutions (CMS). CMS is an online portal designed specifically to manage business banking transactions. It offers an end-to-end financial solution, which gives a 360º of business finances at a glance. The services are available seven days a week for convenience, speed and cost savings.

The types of banking services offered by CMS include account management, cheque management, payable management, bulk payments, salary services, trade services and investment account, and are available from 1.30am to 11.30pm.

Puan Jamelah Jamaluddin, chief executive officer (CEO), KFHMB said: “With the increasingly competitive environment, customers are looking for enhanced services from their banks. CMS provides a secure online banking service that is able to facilitate a comprehensive set of transactions and offer an enhanced level of convenience to the bank’s corporate customers. The solution can help increase the reach of the bank beyond the limitations of its standard banking hours and geographical presence. It also enhances our customer satisfaction across online channels.”


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