JP Morgan Launches Cash Allocation and Rebalancing Solution

JP Morgan Worldwide Securities Services has launched CARS, an automated platform for daily cash allocation and rebalancing of target date funds – both custom and open architecture – and other complex fund of fund structures. Because any investment product or pool is supported, the platform enables pension sponsors, investment managers and consultants to design and implement customised solutions with flexibility, efficiency and control.

The solution is designed to allow clients to implement a unique allocation strategy (glide path) with any configuration of underlying investments. The platform is scalable and secure with configurable parameters that enable efficient administration and embedded system controls. It is integrated with JP Morgan’s custody, accounting and reporting services.

“The pension industry continues to undergo significant change, driven by the broad and continuing shift of responsibility for retirement savings from plan sponsors to plan participants,” said Mark Kelley, Americas markets executive for JP Morgan Worldwide Securities Services. “By providing an automated rebalancing solution, JP Morgan CARS will enable clients to deliver customised and innovative investment solutions to help achieve better retirement outcomes for their plan participants, reduce costs and mitigate fiduciary risks.”


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