WorldPay Continues to Use to ACI’s Payment Platform

WorldPay, a provider of payment card services, has recommitted to ACI’s BASE24 authorisation engine, continuing the long-standing relationship between the two companies. BASE24 acts as WorldPay’s authorisation switch for the UK, capturing, authorising and processing debit and credit card transactions from many of the UK’s largest blue-chip retailers.

ACI and WorldPay will work together to ensure that WorldPay continues to enjoy world-class service levels going forward, and gets maximum leverage from ACI’s complete solution suite.

Gabriel Hopkins, head of ecommerce products at WorldPay, said: “WorldPay processes millions of international online transactions every day, so it’s vital we have robust support behind the scenes. BASE24 is incredibly reliable and we have used it very successfully for a number of years to process our transactions. The authorisation switch is the point at which the service provision to our customers is most visible, and it is integral to our business that this is available 24/7.”


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