Sterci Qualifies for SWIFTNet 7.0

Sterci, a developer of service oriented architecture (SOA) solutions for straight-through processing (STP), has passed the full interface qualification programme for SWIFTNet 7.0. Over 250 customers in 20 countries use Sterci STP solutions, including the Simplex service bureau in London.

SWIFTNet 7.0 is an extensive upgrade of the SWIFT network and its protocols in many years – since the SWIFTNet IP 2003 migration. The migration is scheduled to be completed by March 2012, yet the upgrade is not fully understood by all players in the marketplace.

With SWIFTNet 7.0, SWIFT has extended the interface qualification programme to mandate qualification of all software applications that send or receive InterAct or FileAct traffic. The programme includes six new qualification modules:

  • Communication interface.
  • Relationship management application (RMA) for Standardised Corporate Environment (SCORE).
  • Full RMA interface.
  • InterAct store and forward.
  • FileAct store and forward.
  • FileAct real time.

Etienne Savatier, head of international sales and partnerships, said: “This qualification programme was the most complex and difficult that we have ever passed in 25 years of relationship with SWIFT. We are very proud to be the first messaging interface vendor fully qualified for SWIFTNet 7.0. Once again this proves our commitment to the SWIFT evolution and rewards our investment and long-term strategy.”


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