Visa Europe Releases Mobile Acceptance Security Best Practices

Visa Europe has issued a set of mobile acceptance security best practices for software and hardware providers, retailers and their acquirers. These best practices form part of Visa Europe’s ongoing strategy to advance security measures to help protect cardholder and account data when using consumer mobile devices such as smart phones to facilitate the acceptance of card payments.

These best practices build upon Visa Europe’s expertise in the areas of encryption and tokenisation technologies, which can be used to both simplify and reduce the costs of implementing and maintaining a secure acceptance solution. Encryption and tokenisation technologies are designed to work hand-in-hand with EMV chip acceptance and have already proven to be suitable to different retail and payment processing environments.

“By engaging with industry in issuance of these best practices, and leveraging existing Visa guidance, we can ensure that any mobile acceptance solution deployed is both secure and suitable from the outset,” said Stanley Skoglund, head of payment systems and enterprise risk, Visa Europe.

A complete version of Visa’s Best Practices for Mobile Payment Acceptance Practices may be found online here.


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