Bell ID Joins US Smart Card Alliance

Bell ID, a smart token management solutions provider, has joined the Smart Card Alliance, a non-profit organisation that stimulates the adoption of smart card technology in North America.

Joining the alliance enables Bell ID to increase its visibility and further develop relationships with industry players. This will be achieved through active involvement within meetings, events and outreach activities, such as the upcoming Smart Card Alliance Annual Conference.

David Orme, chief executive officer (CEO), Bell ID, said: “With the US magnetic stripe payment model over 50 years old, the migration to a new infrastructure will be costly and complex. The rewards and opportunities, however, will make the transition commercially profitable and rewarding. As we witness the debate transition from ‘if’ the US will migrate to EMV, to many industry professionals asking ‘when’ and ‘how’, we are delighted to contribute our expertise to the debate through organisations such as the Smart Card Alliance. It has, and will continue to play a crucially important role in educating the marketplace and encouraging best practice in the coming years.”


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