International Specialty Products Goes Green with Paperless Billing

International Specialty Products (ISP) has chosen Verizon’s electronic billing (e-billing) solution to transition a majority of its invoices to online billing. As a result, ISP has eliminated more than 80 of its invoices each month, improving its operational and cost efficiencies.

Typically, an enterprise’s monthly telecommunications bill can fill many boxes with paper, and consume significant amounts of energy as bills are transported from one location to another. By reducing paper and associated transportation, Verizon’s customers are able to reduce their carbon footprints while streamlining business procedures. Moving to e-billing has helped Verizon customers eliminate more than 290 tonnes of paper yearly.

“As a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals and performance-enhancing products for an array of industries around the world, ISP is using the e-billing solution to not only control costs, but also to reduce paper consumption and the amount of CO2 emitted during the traditional billing transportation process,” said Eileen Bostonian, telecommunications billing analysis and co-ordinator at ISP. “By working with Verizon, we have leveraged their e-billing solution to help enhance the efficiency of our business operations while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint.”


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