WorldPay and CellPoint Deliver Mobile to Retail and Transport Sectors

WorldPay has launched a mobile payment reseller programme based on CellPoint Mobile’s mPoint mobile payment solution. Through the new programme, WorldPay can now process any type of mobile payment, such as remote mobile payments, proximity, online and point-of-sale (POS) transactions.

CellPoint Mobile’s mPoint mobile payment solution allows WorldPay to tailor its offering specifically for seamless mobile payment services for the retail and transport industries. This includes off-the-shelf mobile services such as remote ordering and payment for quick services restaurants to help reduce queues, complete ordering, the payment and issuing of tickets for transport, such as air, bus and rail, as well as loyalty based solutions including couponing and rewards programmes.

Gabriel Hopkins, head of ecommerce products at WorldPay, said: “WorldPay is dedicated to empowering our customers in the area of mobile payments by providing cutting-edge, effective solutions. We selected CellPoint Mobile based on its best in class mobile solutions and ability to provide our customers with a fast time to market using proven technology.”


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