Kmart Launches Western Union’s Walk-in Payments Service

Kmart is now offering Western Union’s bill pay service. With an expanded biller network and a fast, easy experience for consumers at more than 1,200 Kmart locations in the US, the Western Union service enables consumers to pay their bills where they buy groceries and everyday household items.

The payments service no longer requires forms after the first transaction and enables consumers to find and identify billers more easily (no ‘code cities’), while offering consumers flexible payment delivery speeds. Additionally, the expanded network provides consumers the ability to make walk-in bill payments to most billers nation-wide, including mortgage, auto loan, credit card, utility, insurance, telecommunications bills and more. Consumers now have additional price options based upon principal amount and the desired speed of delivery.

“Western Union’s enhanced bill pay service provides a full slate of billers to pay with greater ease than before,” said Dave Schuvie, vice president, licensed businesses at Sears Holdings. “Not only do consumers benefit, but our associates also appreciate the streamlined, shortened payment process.”


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